The Lone Star Buffet

photo of the buffet If you like cooking that is reminiscent of the Old South, you will love our "All You Can Eat" buffet. Lone Star features fresh vegetables from the local fields and South Carolina's Farmer's Market.

Our Dining Rooms

photos of the dining rooms Lone Star has three separate dining rooms. The largest is Shuler's Dining Hall, which can seat approximately 90 guests. Then there is Dantzler's Country Store, with a seating capacity of up to 55. In addition, a large screened porch and courtyard adjoin Dantzler's, providing additional space. The third dining room is Zeagler's General Store and Post Office, which can comfortably seat 60.

Shuler's Inside Shuler's dining room Dantzler's General Store the porch out back of Dantzler's Zeaglar's General Store & Post Office

Unique Atmosphere

Live Entertainment When you enter the doors of Lone Star, you feel like you are going back in time, when the hub of activities in the Old South centered around its small rural churches and old country stores. These settings, more than any others, were where the folks shared the news and did their socializing. Enjoy bluegrass or country music entertainment virtually every Saturday night, and country music and bluegrass festivals on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.

The four old stores or commissaries that comprise Lone Star are full of antiques, most of which were in the old buildings when they were acquired and moved to their present site. Some of the original counters and showcases are in place, and shelves are full of merchandise that had been right there in times before the Great Depression, when mules and wagons and steam locomotives represented the primary modes of transportation.

Inside the Mercantile In the courtyard in the rear of the buildings, there is a smoke house where meat was cured, an old whiskey still, and an outhouse or "privy". Yesteryear, they served their needs very well; today, each makes a great backdrop for pictures!

Finally, there is an old 40 box post office that was tucked in the corner of Zeagler's General Store. Over the years, numerous attempts were made by the United States Postal Authority to close the small, antiquated operation, but it didn't happen. You see, the post mistress was a friend of the late Senator Strom Thurmond, and he always took care of his friends! The post office was in full operation until 1995, just two years before Zeagler's General Store closed its doors for good.