Chris Williams, Chef & General Manager

Chris Williams, a native of St. Matthews, South Carolina, is Lone Star's Chef and general manager.

Chris graduated from Calhoun Academy in St. Matthews, S.C., in 1986, and obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from The Citadel in 1990. After gaining several years of cooking experience in some of Charleston's and Columbia's upscale restaurants, Chris decided to pursue a Culinary Arts degree at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), located in Hyde Park, N.Y.

Shortly after completing his Culinary Arts degree in 1999, Chris became Chef de Cuisine at the prestigious Garrison Golf Club in Garrison, N.Y., just across the Hudson River from West Point.

Chris and Pat Williams With a little coaxing from his father and owner of the Lone Star restuarant, Chris and his family moved back to South Carolina, and he and his wife, Lisa, took over the management of Lone Star.

Chris' main responsibility is the overall kitchen operation. He very much enjoys the cooking of his roots, but continues to exercise the finer nuances of his craft in the form of his catering services and specialty dinners.

Lisa, a graduate of the College of Charleston, with her own food industry background, oversees the front end of the restaurant. She manages the restaurant's friendly wait staff and the store front, as well as catering and office duties. Chris and Lisa live in a rural setting, near Cameron, S.C., with their three daughters, Daisy, Charlotte, and Abigail.